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Everyone has a dream

We all have dreams…big, small, in process, fulfilled.

We are inspired by the dreams of others.

We inspire others by sharing our dreams.

3 great reasons to apply to speak at the TEDx Youth@FHS event, “Dream Big…Then Do It!”

To apply, fill out the form under the auditions tab, and create a short video clip.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 2nd

Your friends, your school, your community, your world…all wanting to hear what you have to say about your dream. Be the inspiration; apply today!


And away we go!

Information about the audition process for those who wish to speak at the TEDx Youth@FHS event is above and to the left of this message! The Auditions link has a sample of both the written and video application pieces. The drop down Audition Form is for you to fill out.
Remember: all application components are due by Friday, November 2nd

A few hints:
1) Go look at the questions on the form, and then go write elsewhere. Use your good grammar and mechanics skills, as well as the drafting process (ahem), even though the responses are brief.

2) Be yourself! The video is to hear your voice, learn about your topic, and hear about why you wish to share in this way. Use notes, but don’t feel you have to script what you will say. Also, it isn’t a video competition; no need for fancy edits or cool transitions. (Those skill will come in later…talk to a TEDx Youth@FHS committee member if you are interested in that.)

3) Check out @TEDxYouthFHS on Twitter for links to a huge variety of good TED, TEDx Youth and TEDx Teen talks.

4) Bookmark this site so that you keep coming back for updates and to get excited about our event!

Information About the Event

Important Dates

These dates are important for those interested in speaking at TEDx Youth@FHS

Applications due: Friday, November 2nd

Speakers announced: Friday, November 9th

Work with coaches: Week of November 12-17

Work on your own: Week of November 19-23 (Thanksgiving Vacation)

Dress rehearsals: Thursday, November 29th and Friday, November 30th (times TBA)

TEDx Youth@FHS Dream Big…Then Do It! event: Saturday, December 1st