Dream Big…Then Do It: TEDxYouth@FHS program

Photo1Our event begins at 1pm EST sharp! Join us via the Flint Hill Live USteam, and follow us on Twitter at@TEDxYouthFHS. We will begin with a welcome from Flint Hill Head of School John Thomas, and then will begin the program proper:

Introduction –Hooman Azad, FHS ‘13

What is TED/TEDx? (video) –Chris Anderson

Online or Inlife? –Zane Homsi FHS ‘15

Our Earth, Our Home –Meghan Sivakumar FHS ‘18

Three A’s of Awesome (video) –Neil Pasricha

Learning a New Dance –Sarah Al-Qatou FHS ‘15

Servant Leadership –Chris Hintz FHS ’13

30 minute break

Tales of Ice-Bound Wonderlands (video) –Paul Nicklen

Bridging the Gap –Doug Stevens FHS ‘13

Making Dreams Come True –Kayla Hewitt FHS ‘17

Learning to Fail (video) –Tara Sui and Niha Jain

Leaving a Legacy of Love –Dani Wallace FHS ‘13

Closing Remarks –Melissa Scott


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