Meghan Takes a Look Back at her TEDxYouth@FHS Experience

“The TEDx talk was very … just very. It had its ups and downs. The
couple of weeks before the actual talk, were the most stressful. I
would write and rewrite and revise and rehearse and re-everything!
When I thought I had done a good job, I would show my mentors (Mrs.
Knicely, Mrs. Young, and Ms. Miller) and they would ask me to change
most things or add new things. They were really helpful when they said
these things, because my talk would not have been as AWESOME as it
was. The days that led up to Saturday were the most fun I’ve ever had,
other than eating my first ice cream cone … which ended up on my
shirt. The rehearsing and the “mike-ing up” were so cool. The whole
experience was amazing. Now that I have done it, I’m not scared
anymore or nervous.”

Be sure to check out Meghan’s talk, Our Earth, Our Home for some New Year’s inspiration. You too, can help to make the world a better place now and for the future.


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