Highlights from “Music Inspires” by Daniel Lamont

Brian Lamont was quite the effervescent singer onstage

Daniel Lamont was quite the effervescent singer onstage

“How did that make you feel? I felt excited and in a horror movie.” – Daniel Lamont on singing in front of the audience

“One of my favorite songs is stronger by Kelly Clarkson. If I don’t connect to one line I connect to another“–Lamont before singing the song

A Thousand Years and Stronger – two songs that Lamont sang live in front of the audience


Highlights from “An Explanation of World Hunger and How to Solve it” by Avishka Boppudi

"Why is the world hungry?" – Boppudi

“Why is the world hungry?” – Boppudi

“A main cause for hunger is food wastage

“You cannot pay for farms, so you cannot pay for food” – one of the reasons Boppudi described for world hunger.

“Another way you can help is by conserving water and food

“Spread the word. It’s like blowing on a dandelion, you’ll never know how far it’ll go

Highlights from “Empathy” by Priya Gill

B_g89ZdWQAAeRmp.jpg-large“Empathy can be both small and large. Both global and individual. But it is something we should all strive for.

“Empathy is so important when it comes to social justice – when it comes to understanding the lives of those who are suffering.”

I lack empathy most when I’m happy – on the top of the world.”

“99% of us are born empathetic.

“Let’s do something. Let’s make empathy an active goal. Let’s teach empathy in school. Let’s make a concerted effort to be kinder and more empathetic to people in our lives.” 

“Empathy is so attainable, and it can change the world.

Highlights from “Follow Through” by Danielle Wallace


“What on earth is wrong with this world?” – Danielle Wallace

“I think we can all agree that this world is not perfect”

What good is it to have an idea in the first place if it just stays in your head?”

Who in your mind is the real you? How often do you see that person in real life? So often, I see a disconnect

“The very things that I speak to an audience about are the things I need to work on in my own life. It’s almost like I’m giving this talk to my own self as well.

ARMAN AZAD – Social Media Coordinator

Arman AzadArman Azad is a vibrant, passionate member of the junior class. He takes part in dozens of clubs and strives to be the best he can possibly be. He serves as the Co-Editor in Chief for the student newspaper, The View. This year he also started his own club called Flint Hill Students for Social Justice and is the Co-President of a club called Operation Smile. In his spare time he sings in the Flint Hill A Capella group the Major Minors, helps out with the Flint Hill Literary Magazine, The Rough Draft, advises his peers by working with the student writing center, and tweets religiously. This year, as an Executive Team Member, he hopes to impart his social media knowledge by spreading the word of this TEDx event and generating excitement and in and outside of the Flint Hill community.

SARAH AL-QATOU – Student Mentor Coordinator

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.16.07 PMSarah Al-Qatou is a vivacious, positive, dancer, actress, singer and tv lover in the twelfth grade at Flint Hill School. She strives for academic excellence and cannot wait to get into a great college this spring. She gave a TED Talk two years ago on resilience, strength and the importance of self-worth. This year she will act the team leader of Student Mentorship. She hopes to impart any knowledge she has from giving a talk on new students along with any knowledge she has learned in her experiences as a performer.

DANIELLE WALLACE – Conference Speaker

Dani WallaceDanielle Wallace is a senior at Flint Hill who is giving her third Ted Talk in as many years.  In addition to serving as Design Coordinator and Executive Team member, she is a peer counselor, pianist, and developing artist whose life goal is to combine her passion for people with a passion for art. Her talk will analyze the simple yet powerful phrase: “follow through,” which is the fundamental concept of acting on one’s vision for the world. To those who are waiting for something or someone else to change first, her message to you is that you need to wake up and start acting on those hopes and dreams. It starts with you.